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A day in the life of an interfaith minister...

So many people I speak to about interfaith ministry see it as ceremony work... marking transitions, particularly marriage and death, but it feels so much more than that. I feel it permeates so much of my life so I've decided to write some 'day in the life of' posts to see if I can paint a picture...

So, today started, like most days, with putting on my ruby ring and speaking aloud the vow I took at ordination last July and thus stepping into my promise anew... to be in my sovereignty... to rise in my feminine power and wisdom... to surrender... to be the presence of love.

With another minister I'm co-creating a Celtic Wheel of the Year ceremony to mark the Spring Equinox or Alban Eilir on Saturday. This morning she surprised me by popping up on our shared document as I was writing some structure into the ceremony! And later we met via zoom to begin to weave in themes of light and dark, balance and flow as well as the music and poetry we'll bring to the ceremony.

At the Solstice I became a Certified Havening Practitioner and during the accreditation process set up a co-Havening relationship with a peer from my course. Today it was my turn to have a Havening session and I used it to process and work through some difficult emotions that have been around this last week. I felt calmer and clearer afterwards, the havening touch is such a wonderful resource for being able to stay with the emotions.

I paused at 1.30pm to light candles... A minister friend was holding a funeral for a 1 year old boy at that time - I lit 4 candles... for him, his parents, for the family and for my friend who had the unenviable task of holding the ceremony... which I'm sure she did with a great deal of courage and grace. Lighting candles like this is a way I've found of bringing my awareness and presence to others... a way to be with them when I can't physically... I asked for them all to be held in love.

This afternoon I responded to an enquiry about the Spiritual Counselling I offer... explaining... how I start with a free consultation session... how sessions often begin with a grounding practice and an invocation, calling in all that supports the client... how the client directs the session bringing whatever is opening up in their life for exploration... how I often encourage an inner rather than outer world exploration and hold space for the client to vocalise what needs to be said/heard and to feel what needs to be felt... how I might offer in spiritual practices... havening... meditation... reflection... following my intuition and guidance and always checking in to ensure it's what the client wants.

Later this afternoon featured two of my daily practices - meditation and a walk in nature. To be honest the walk isn't always daily... although the intention is there! Today's walk was with my daughter... it was good to get out together and catch up on her day and where she's at... A bit of muministry!

I had a meditation group tonight for people I've taught to meditate over the years. We meditate together several times a month and I lead them into the effortless meditation practice... the Motivated to Meditate Club! Its often a chance for me to meditate too... although as I've already done today's it'll be an extra one tonight!

As we approach the Spring Equinox it's good to reflect on how I'm spending my time... I can see a balance of nourishing others and nourishing self... a balance of giving and receiving. Sometimes I wonder if I just make myself overly busy with all the things I put in my diary for myself... but it feels really important with the work I do that I also do plenty to resource myself! More on that in future posts...

Almost ready for bed... before I'll take off my ring and reflect on my vow, asking 'did I live it today?' Sometimes I can answer with a resounding 'Yes!' but more often than not I need to be gentle with myself, reminding myself I'm human and that tomorrow is another day!


Thanks for reading... would love to hear any thoughts you have in the comments... Are these posts of interest? Do you have specific questions about what it means to be an interfaith minister? Questions about ministry?

♡ Jo

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