A day in the life of an interfaith minister... Interfaith ministry isn't just about about being a celebrant. These posts aim to paint a picture of how my ministry permeates all of my life... For the people who've learnt to meditate with me I offer a 'Motivated to Meditate Club'... perhaps for those who've had a regular practice but have fallen out of it and wish to put more focus on meditation knowing the benefits it brings... or perhaps for those who learnt years ago, but


A day in the life of an interfaith minister... So many people I speak to about interfaith ministry see it as ceremony work... marking transitions, particularly marriage and death, but it feels so much more than that. I feel it permeates so much of my life so I've decided to write some 'day in the life of' posts to see if I can paint a picture... So, today started, like most days, with putting on my ruby ring and speaking aloud the vow I took at ordination last July and thus


As part of the retreat I was on earlier this month we were invited to take a nature quest. This was our non-zoom time to dive into a practice, to bring insight, with the invitation for that insight to be shared on our return. Two hours in nature with the questions ...Who am I? and ...What does my heart most deeply desire to express or create? The reason I'd booked the retreat was to have a wee bit of time, before returning to work, to connect with myself and what I wanted to