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Ceremonies of Healing

When I started my ministry training, I knew the ceremony element would challenge me... I had an aversion to anything remotely ceremonial! I told myself ceremony 'just didn't do it for me'... oh how wrong I was! I discovered the reason I avoided ceremony wasn't because it didn't move me, but that it moved me so deeply I struggled to be with the intensity! 

I also realised that ceremony was an innate part of me and this awareness brought forth a deep sense of grief... and rage... that at some point ceremony had been 'ripped from my line'.  Wow that was some knowing!  

My reconnection with ceremony has been an incredible journey, with the ceremonies of healing I've written and held for myself bringing deep healing and powerful shifts.

My journey to becoming an Interfaith Minister and experiencing the true power of ceremony feels like a return home to the Wise Healing Woman I was always meant to be!  So my healing ceremony work is what you might call my ministry of magic!

Healing ceremonies are often about letting go in some form and related to loss, separation, bereavement, grief or death. They can be simple ceremonies, just for you or you and I, or more elaborate ceremonies involving your family or even your whole community. 

They can be about letting go of... a relationship that has ended... a place... a stage of life... a child who has left home... the physical presence of a loved one...or even your own life by working together on a living funeral (whilst you're quite well!).

Often ceremonies can also be about transition... stepping into a new phase of life, a new way... once the letting go is complete.

Usually 2-3 zoom meetings and email/phone liaison over a period of 3 months resulting in co-created ceremony

May be involved in holding the ceremony on the day
£150 - £450


"Jo, you really got me!  I felt listened to, heard and understood in the living funeral you wrote collaboratively with me.  I found you personal and sensitive and appreciated your accurate attention to detail.  I have found the process of working with you on my funeral a healing one."

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