A day in the life of an interfaith minister... Interfaith ministry isn't just about about being a celebrant. These posts aim to paint a picture of how my ministry permeates all of my life... Sunday is often a busy day for me... how do you think I spend it? Maybe you're envisaging trips to church or online services... I am a 'minister' after all! But for me spirituality isn't connected to religion. I may talk about God (if people are comfortable with the word), but that mea


A day in the life of an interfaith minister... So many people I speak to about interfaith ministry see it as ceremony work... marking transitions, particularly marriage and death, but it feels so much more than that. I feel it permeates so much of my life so I've decided to write some 'day in the life of' posts to see if I can paint a picture... So, today started, like most days, with putting on my ruby ring and speaking aloud the vow I took at ordination last July and thus


Ooooh... look what I got this week... As some if you will know from my website I can marry couples in Scotland now I'm an ordained Interfaith Minister, but what you might not know (as I didn't until recently) is that its necessary to have a fountain pen to sign the marriage certificate. So... I've been looking for a beautiful pen... and came across some gorgeous wooden ones by Crafty Bassetts. I just love the idea of a pen made of wood... and how grounding it will be to sign