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Women Holding Hands

Circles of Women

It came to me in meditation to bring circles of women together... for the purposes of connecting, feeling, intuiting, sharing wisdom, healing and simply for joy! 

Circles of Women gathers women like you to share the experience of life's journey... to witness one another... to witness oneself through the mirroring in another... to find joy in the connection of being in circle... to bond through vulnerability... to be reassured... to build resilience and strength... to feel belonging and a sense of home... to know we are not alone, but all one.

Circles are either
Open - each woman bringing what is moving in her in the moment; or

Themed - Exploring Spirituality | Conversing with Nature | Exploring the Wheel of the Year

If you've not experienced what a Women's Circle can bring to your life, perhaps it's time to find out...

Monthly zoom circles
2.5 hours
Various days and times
£27 per month

See What's New for circles currently open to book.

"When I'm participating in one of your circles, Jo, I feel immediately at ease.  You are open and welcoming, and your calm and intuition allow everyone time.  I never notice you facilitating, which to me makes the perfect facilitator!  It's seamless, comfortable and above all else you create trust within the group to allow open sharing.  Your circles have become an invaluable part of my month, I can't recommend them enough."


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