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My Story

What led me to live on the Isle of Skye...  to becoming Rev Jo... to the ministry I bring to the world?  The answer to all those questions is guidance.

Over a decade ago I was guided to teach meditation... it wasn't something I thought I would do, but one day it became clear it was what I was meant to do. 

In 2012 my family and I, guided again, made a life changing move which somehow snowballed into several life changing moves, one of which was travelling around the UK coast in a bus for 15 months, resulting in falling in love with the West Coast of Scotland and deciding to stay.

After settling on the Isle of Skye I knew I wanted to put my focus firmly on my spiritual life and a series of synchronicities led me to One Spirit and to becoming an ordained minister in 2020.  Just like with meditation, I never expected to be a reverend or to be called into service in ceremony!  It's funny the path life takes you if you open to and flow with the guidance.

My ministry training connected me deeply with the Divine Feminine​ and abuse of the feminine.  And the Goddess (with whom I was newly acquainted) nudged me towards a role in Women's Aid at the end of the first year of my training.

Following ordination, knowing how much trauma is present in both my role at Women's Aid, and my spiritual counselling work, I realised a long held desire of training in a trauma clearing therapy and became a Certified Havening Techniques practitioner on the Winter Solstice of 2020.

And now?  I LOVE living on Skye... I LOVE being Rev Jo... and I LOVE working with women helping them to find deep connection, to heal and to live the life they came here to live.  

My guiding star each day is the personal vow I took at ordination...

"Rooted in my sovereignty
I rise in my feminine power and wisdom
and surrender myself to being a channel
for the Presence of Love."

I truly believe what the world needs most right now is women in their power, surrendering to their inner wisdom and living the lives they came here to live. 

But don't listen to me... listen to YOU... what does your inner wisdom say?
If your being is shouting YES... if you know it in your bones and feel guided to work with me... Let's connect...
I'd LOVE to hear from you.​ Jo x

Register of One Spirit Interfaith Ministers     Certified Havening Practitioner

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