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The first ministry I was called to before I was even ordained was working with trauma.  After my fear steered me away from a role as a Domestic Abuse Worker at Women's Aid on several occasions, it got to the point where I couldn't not apply... it was so obvious the role was meant for me! 

Working with trauma has turned out to be a healing journey for me personally. Funny how that happens!

Over the years I've looked into many clearing therapies including EMDR, EFT, Journeywork and Rewind Therapy to sit alongside my meditation teaching, and after ordination Havening Techniques was the one that called to me.

Becoming a Certified Havening Techniques® Practitioner compliments my skill set with a powerful new tool to help you clear unhelpful and perhaps unhealthy patterns that are not serving you.

Havening Techniques is a touch therapy, which I instruct you in how to apply yourself, believing this to be the most empowering way to work. 

The technique, based on recently acquired knowledge in the field of neuroscience, can be used in a number of ways

... to create a sense of a safe haven in which to talk and explore

... to build resilience

... to clear emotional blocks

... to delink emotion from specific traumatic memories

Clients often say "I've tried everything else".  So if you feel something is holding you back and you're not sure how to clear it, let's have a chat about whether Havening Techniques can help.

I have experience of working with stress, anxiety, fear, phobias, trauma, distressing memories, death, grief, physical pain, divorce, separation abandonment and betrayal.

All sessions currently offered via zoom.
£50-£100 per session
~90 mins

"Due to a distressing flashback/memory, I was in a place of overwhelming fear about attending an upcoming event and experiencing physical symptoms including pain across my neck and shoulders.  When we started the Havening session, Jo, I couldn't imagine being able to walk into the building even though it had been 25 years since I'd last been there.  Without needing to go into detail about any historic events, using Havening you took my distress levels from 9/10 down to zero!  This morning, I woke up pain free and calm enough to eat breakfast.  I drove to the venue and had no problems walking in and taking my place.  I don't really understand how the Havening techniques work - they just do and it is amazing!  Thanks, Jo for guiding me through the session with your skills, calmness and care. I was able to walk into the building and not only that, to have a lovely time at the event!"


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