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Updated: Mar 11, 2022

I'm hosting a monthly women's circle at the moment... the focus of which is 'exploring spirituality'. We decided in the last circle to each choose a spiritual figure or teacher... possibly female... to journey with over the month and to bring what arises for us to our next circle to share and be witnessed.

Two possibilities immediately appeared to me... Joan of Arc and Mary Magdalene!

At the beginning of August we stayed in a friend's house for a week and I was looking through her DVDs to see what we might like to watch... there was the 2018 Mary Magdelene film. A sign! I was to journey with Mary Magdalene...

I watched the film (again... worth a watch if you've not seen it!)... I found a picture of her and put it by my bed, inviting her into my dreams... and I re-read Megan Watterson's book 'Mary Magdalene Revealed'.

She hasn't yet appeared in my dreams, but when I invited her into a meditation recently she came! It was a practice I offered as part of my Friday evening meditation group... to journey with an inspirational figure... and I did the practice with them.

I invited her in... imagining how she would greet me... as a friend? as a stranger? I saw her hold both of my hands in greeting... and then felt her hold my face in her hands as she looked into my eyes... I didn't feel a stranger to her.

She had such a gentle and kind energy... so beautiful and comforting to be in and I felt her deep love... it actually brought tears to my eyes... real tears... the unconditional love I felt radiating from her.

I had an awareness of her love for the man Jesus, or Yeshua, and a knowing that she understood deeply his life's journey and fully accepted his death, just as he had, knowing it was asked of him. The words 'the peace beyond all understanding' popped into my head.

I remembered she had washed Jesus's feet and anointed them and felt the depth of her humility. I had a desire to sit at her feet, perhaps to wash them, to anoint them, but more to sit at the feet of her... a great teacher, to be her disciple, to apprentice myself to her.

I asked her 'How can I love like you do? A love that people can feel in my presence?' And she told me 'drop the veil'... 'see with the eyes of Love'.

I was left with a feeling of how it is to be in the presence of that immense Love and an image of her dark hair, so thick and straight... and curiously an image of her in a green cloak! Green! I don't think I've ever seen her depicted in green...

(I've just looked and there are several works of art that depict her in green! Maybe I'll have to invite her into my meditations again and ask her about the green cloak!)

Excited to share my experience in our Circle of Nine this morning...

If you are curious about Friday Meditation or the Circles of Nine, please get in touch...

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