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In tonight's Yule Ceremony... our final ceremony of 2022's A Year With The Wheel... I invited our Women of the Wheel into the darkness, to imagine themselves as a seed deep in the belly of the earth. A seed... not needing to do anything, not needing to take action... just resting... just being... no need to stir until Imbolc.

I dropped into the meditation with them and got a deep awareness of how we, as humanity, are the babies of the earth... having hardly been around any time compared to the mountains and the rocks and the trees and the plants. That we might see ourselves at the top of some kind of hierarchy (in our immaturity!) but we are surrounded by elders.

And I got a message from being the seed... stop worrying about when to take action... you're not as in control as you think you are... you're held... its bigger than you... stop worrying about what you'll be... how you'll know when to take action... what you need to do... its all held...

It was beautiful and a reminder to me that all of nature has so much to teach if we stay connected.

May you be blessed by the darkness... the void... the not knowing

May you rest in inaction

May you trust that when the time is right you'll be inspired to action

And may you allow nature to show you the way

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