A day in the life of an interfaith minister... Interfaith ministry isn't just about about being a celebrant. These posts aim to paint a picture of how my ministry permeates all of my life... For the people who've learnt to meditate with me I offer a 'Motivated to Meditate Club'... perhaps for those who've had a regular practice but have fallen out of it and wish to put more focus on meditation knowing the benefits it brings... or perhaps for those who learnt years ago, but


Ooooh... look what I got this week... As some if you will know from my website I can marry couples in Scotland now I'm an ordained Interfaith Minister, but what you might not know (as I didn't until recently) is that its necessary to have a fountain pen to sign the marriage certificate. So... I've been looking for a beautiful pen... and came across some gorgeous wooden ones by Crafty Bassetts. I just love the idea of a pen made of wood... and how grounding it will be to sign