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A gorgeous Samhain ceremony with @space_for_grace_scotland and our women of the wheel (part of A Year With the Wheel).

We journeyed back through our female lineage to find the gifts the grandmothers passed to us.

And explored the wise, knowing, intuitive, nature connected, earth loving, healer and holder in us... the 'witch' within.

We wove all the gifts of all the generations back into ourselves.

So much insight... wisdom... connection and synchronicity as always.

My gift from my ancestor was a silver acorn (at a time when it was dangerous, wise healing women, or 'witches' would exchange acorns in the woods to identify each other and to let the other know that they were in safe company!). My acorn gift came with a message to embody all that I am... and to know that that is my birthrite... to know that I am not too much.

It felt profoundly powerful!

Beautiful to be connected in sacred ceremony this evening.

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