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Updated: Mar 11, 2022

In the women's circle I'm currently hosting, focused on exploring spirituality, we decided to explore spirituality through art, music and creativity this month.

Last month we explored spirituality through story and the time before through a spiritual figure.

In previous months, it was really obvious where my exploration was taking me... what figure... what story... they popped into my head... and then appeared synchronistically over the month.

But... What art? What music? I'm not sure...

Perhaps my exploration is art as a spiritual practice... like the mandalas and sacred geometry I created on my ministry training when exploring Buddhism and Islam... maybe my exploration is music as a spiritual practice like the playlists I create and listen to to 'be with' people virtually when there's no other way to be with them or to hold them...

Maybe I just need to find music, poems, visual art that moves me to tears... that gives me that sense of connection to something bigger... maybe I need to write my own poetry... something I used to do a lot of but feels blocked of late.

Maybe this exploration is about about creating something that speaks to what's important to me... like my recent craftivism pieces for Stitches for Survival (see photos)...

Art, music and creativity feels kind of enormous and like I haven't got a handle on it yet... but trusting that it'll fall into place... it'll become clearer and all make sense at some point... like with the story and the figure in previous months.

Interestingly when I looked at the story and the figure I 'choose' (or that chose me) together last month, they both brought a similar message... to look through different eyes... to explore different perspectives... to see through the eyes of love... to see what's already here by widening my perception to the soul's view.

I guess right now what I'm left with is this musing...

If I were to see through the eyes of love / the heart / the soul, what would that call me to create?

Interested in your thoughts on the connection between spirituality and creativity for you... and what of art, music, creativity speaks to you of spirituality...

♡ Jo

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