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Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Ooooh... look what I got this week...

As some if you will know from my website I can marry couples in Scotland now I'm an ordained Interfaith Minister, but what you might not know (as I didn't until recently) is that its necessary to have a fountain pen to sign the marriage certificate.

So... I've been looking for a beautiful pen... and came across some gorgeous wooden ones by Crafty Bassetts. I just love the idea of a pen made of wood... and how grounding it will be to sign with.

Crafty Bassetts are based up here in the North West of Scotland (perfect!) so I contacted them to ask what local woods they had available. They said I could have a pen made from ash, oak or beech and sent pictures of different options.

As I sat with the decision, I got a sense I was at Ollivanders awaiting my wand to pick me! I researched the properties of the trees... and was drawn to oak, or darach in Gaelic, associated with truth, endurance and loyalty... all of which felt very appropriate.

I also remembered the awesome oak trees at Dromantine in Northern Ireland where I did my ministry training... with their deep roots, keeping them steady in any storms!

When I messaged Neil and Laura at Crafty Bassetts to ask if they currently had any oak they replied they'd just got some kiln dried oak from the Isle of Ewe, the wee inhabited island on Loch Ewe (on the shores of which they live).

Go on, say it aloud "Isle of Ewe"!

What could be more perfect?

I absolutely love my "I love you" oak pen and can't wait to use it for my first marriage in July! It even came in its own wand box!

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