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Updated: Mar 11, 2022

... it's inviting in and co-creating with Spirit (or whatever you'd call that) ... it's calling on all the loving support ... it's honouring what you believe ... it's using words that are right for you ... it's hearing beyond what is said ... it's meeting you where you are ... it's following intuition, inner wisdom & guidance ... it's sitting in and feeling the feelings ... it's asking questions, reflecting back ... it's accompaniment, walking alongside ... it's an honouring of you and all you are ... its a recognition of your wholeness, your beauty, your light ... it's a safe space in which to download, breakdown, unravel, breakthrough ... it's a privilege to be able to offer...

We have an initial exploration conversation for me to understand what you believe, what language you use, what you're hoping for from Spiritual Counselling and to maybe explain a bit about what I offer. If it feels right for us both, we agree on a number of sessions...

Each session has a ceremonial feel to it, often opening with lighting a candle, a short grounding meditation perhaps, maybe including an invocation and some silence. Although I am guided by you... and Spirit of course.

In the middle part, the conversation, you absolutely lead the way... perhaps you talk about what's happened in your outer and inner worlds since we last met, or there's a particular aspect of life you're bringing, or a particular feeling you want to delve into, or a difficult relationship, or you notice something is triggering you and you want to explore it or there's some trauma or grief you want to bring to the session.

You choose what you bring. I hear without judgement and surrender, opening to receive guidance about what I bring... I might ask questions, I might reflect the words you use back to you, I might invite you to pause and really feel the feelings in your body, I might offer in a practice, a resource, an idea for a ceremony... in the moment or something to do between the sessions... before the end of the session, there's time to reflect on insights and shifts.

At the end we often drop back into the silence to just allow whatever has passed to settle. And end with blowing out the candle.

You can find out more on my website... ...and book an exploration conversation there...

Or message me with any questions...

♡ Jo

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