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At this turning of the wheel... May we pause to notice the sweetness of life in this moment. May we have the patience to wait for all else to ripen. May the way in which we use the harvest contribute to our communities and our planet. May we show up fully and with courage, honouring who we are now, at this time in our lives and trusting the gifts we bring to the world. May we travel the spiral with grace knowing that each turn brings us deeper into ourselves. A wee Lughnasadh altar... grasses from my garden braided and spiralled, lavender to remind me to notice the sweetness, a wee wheat (which doesn't grow in abundance on Skye... although maybe could) for awareness that the harvest is ready in its own time. This Lughnasadh I'm loving the heather on the hills, the rowan berries just coming into their redness, the nuts on the hazels, the mushrooms popping up, the seemingly constant buzz of the bees, the striking pink of the rosebay willowherb against blue skies, the bright yellow of ragwort in the lush green of the bracken and the dragonflies and butterflies.

What are you noticing this Lughnasadh?

And if it's Lughnasadh... the first harvest... that means it's just 12 weeks until the Samhain... the third harvest and the Women's Wellness Retreat on the Isle of Skye

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