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Updated: Mar 11, 2022

This altar has been a long time in the creation!

Normally I create a new altar for each Wheel of the Year festival... its part of my preparation for the ceremonies we host each 6 weeks.

The last festival's altar is dismantled and the new one comes forth. But I was away at the Solstice, then caught up in Christmas, socialising between Christmas and New Year and away again at New Year.... So this is my Winter Solstice altar... two full weeks late... just about catching the new moon, rather than the full moon! But better late than never. The messages I was with at the Solstice... Darkness into Light, Wisdom, Simplicity, Presence, Joy, Awakening... are all represented here in the starry cloth, the angel cards, the owl, the simplicity of the altar... It won't be long until Imbolc and a new altar... and a new ceremony... but I'm glad to be with this one for a while. Reminding me to stay in the dark, to rest, to turn inwards towards my own wisdom, to be present, to find joy in simplicity, to look towards the awakening of the year, but not to rush it. This year, my sister Minister Rev Juanna Ladaga and I are opening up our Wheel of the Year ceremonies to others who want to join, holding them as a Women's Circle for the year... 8 ceremonies, with accompanying invitations in the weeks between to create, spend time in nature and enter into various practices (including altar making) designed to connect you with the earth, with the beauty of diving deep into these festivals and fully passing through the thresholds at the turning of the Wheel of the Year. If you are keen for sisterhood, connection with self, others and nature and a closer relationship with the natural rhythms and would like to join us, please private message me and we'll send you an invitation. #ministry #altar #wheeloftheyear #Solstice #imbolc #womenscircle #newmoon #fullmoon #ceremony #creativity #Nature #earth #connection #festival's #thresholds #rhythms #invitation

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