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So today I got to spend the day with my friend @wildlife_croft_skye playing around with her homegrown, harvested, processed and soaked willow. How cool!

She showed me some baskets she'd made, the tools, some different types of willow and some of her favourite willow weavers on You Tube and then we hung out and I had a go. Loved it!

Pretty pleased with my wonky... gappy... lopsided... half made basket!

Did I mention... I made this?! From scratch!

It was top of my list of apocalypse skills to learn next! Basket making ✔️ 🤣🤣🤣 Just kidding... not there yet! But excited to have made a start... and anyway perhaps after the apocalypse wonky baskets will be all the rage!

Now to pop it in the waterbutt to soak so I can attempt the border later in the week... hoping my uprights don't snap! And the waterbutt doesn't freeze!

Creative Wednesdays are going well so far! Last week painting, this week willow weaving. What's next week? Anyone got any ideas? Anyone want to do a skill swap?

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