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Today I send my blessings to all the One Spirit Ordinands who are taking their vows.

Vows which state how they promise to show up in the world... how they'll serve...

2 years ago on this day I took my own vow.

Spoke the unique words that felt Divined.

The words that came to me at the end of my ministry training.

A culmination of the journey I'd been on... Through ceremony & my own biography and healing... Through spiritual counselling & an exploration of different religions including my beloved Earth path... through my own direct connection with Spirit and the red thread of the Divine Feminine which I found woven through all.

When I looked back through the ceremonies I'd written, to root and to rise were throughout... so much so that I stitched a ruby and a Skye golden eagle feather into my stole as a reminder.

My sovereignty... is what ministry training called me to for myself. My meministry if you will!

Rising in my feminine power and wisdom speaks of the work and service I've already been called to with abuse and trauma and also to the Divine Feminine and the collective rise of the feminine needed, and I believe happening, in our society right now... part of The Great Turning.

Surrender is about allowing my Higher Self / my soul / Divinity to guide me... following intuition and insight... trusting where I'm guided... taking the path of joy.

And being a channel is about letting my ego take a back seat and allowing Spirit through me... being a vessel for Love... for the Presence of Love... in the world.

Some people don't share their vow, but I think sharing it gives an insight into me... into my purpose...

In my first marriage ceremony this summer my couple asked me to speak it... feeling it really spoke to them about why I was the person to marry them. What a privilege to bring myself so fully into the space!

Of course at times my vow feels aspirational! It can also feel a paradox and impossible to live all aspects at once, but every morning I speak it aloud with the intention to fully live it... asking for support.

I wonder how this post lands with you...

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