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#MonthOfMinistry 2024

Updated: Mar 21

We did it again! A whole month of Interfaith Ministers posting together on their socials... talking about who they are... what they do... their ministry (for more about how this started in 2023 see #MonthOfMinistry 2023).

Here are my responses to this year's prompts (you might want to grab a cuppa before you start clicking!)...

Day 28.  What piece of wisdom has stuck with you? (despite saying 29 on the video!)

I love that I met new people again this year . Search on the hashtag #MonthOfMinistry to mett some of them yourself. I also found out more about about people who I already knew... reconnected with folk I've not been connected with for a while... had wee conversations... and received some beautiful words from people I've worked with...

"I have enjoyed so much your posts this month. Sending much love" (Day 27)

"That [poem] makes me emotional - I don't have the words to say what impact your work has on my life - but I am so privileged to have the opportunity to feel held and loved and all those other things in your poem - my life has changed and continued to change so much through working with you x" (Day 29)

"We chose you because we could feel this amazing, loving energy when we first talked to you over zoom. Working with you we quickly appreciated all the professionalism and wisdom you had and how much you guided us. But our first impression was that you had a special magic to you, and we could tell you really listened to us. After we closed that first zoom call I said "'She's the one!'" (Day 26)

I LOVE to hear the impact of my words and my work in the world... Thankyou!

It's really beautiful to hear how my words and my work touches you. I always try and let people know when their words on social media touch me... it's a lonely old world out there if no one comments or likes.

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