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I had an idea... "wouldn't it be great if we could get lots of Interfaith Ministers posting together on their socials... talking about who they are... what they do... their spiritual practices... what brings them joy... etc"

To have a conversation together and to share with friends and followers more about us and our ministry.

The idea grew legs... then arms... a head... a torso... and then a hashtag #MonthOfMinistry

@sass_at_spiritunity offered her social media expertise and general ministry magic and I breathed an enormous sigh of relief, already feeling I'd bitten off way more than I could chew. And #MonthOfMinistry was birthed!

We shared against a series of prompts on all different social platforms during February.

Here are my responses (you might want to grab a cuppa before you start clicking!)...

I love that I met new people through #MonthOfMinistry... found out more about about people (some I already knew and some I didn't)... reconnected with folk I've not been connected with for a while... had wee conversations... invited some reflection... learnt how to change my instagram settings so I can get insights, connect Instagram with Facebook so I can share posts on my FB page which has also meant more engagement there.

I've decided to start a newsletter and put a sign-up section on my website

It's been quite the month!

I received these comments from people reading... people taking part...

"Thanks so much for your month of ministry. I've found it both inspiring and comforting. Much love to you."

"Thanks so much Jo. You certainly inspire me - month of ministry has been deeply profound and beautiful. X"

"Wonderful inspiration thank you Rev Jo Royle"

How gorgeous?! ♡♡♡

I LOVE to hear the impact of what I share... and it's so exciting when people take the time to message and comment.

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