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I had a Spiritual Counselling/Accompaniment session this morning for a client.

Before our sessions I always have a look around the house... on all my many shelf and windowsill altars to see what wants to come. I trust what I'm drawn to not needing to make sense of it.

This is what came today.

A bee... berries... beads... beans!

The bee I made out of felt... berries is picked for a Mabon altar... beads I bought from Greece intrigued with this Eastern orthodox prayer tool (& of course similar to the Catholic rosary) and beautiful beans we grew this year.

I saw the theme of 'be' throughout, but not sure at that point what other message was held in those items.

I shared what was on the altar with my client and then we went into the session.

We covered a lot of ground, as always, exploring many aspects of life, some things that came up felt surprising... painful... challenging... exciting... synchronistic...

And then we got to what actually felt like a pretty universal question... whatever our path...

How do we stay in our truth and power no matter what is going on in our outer world?

Something to sit with...

And then it felt like the answer (or at least some of it) was in the altar...

Just be, be in nature, pray... meditate... and believe in magic (that was the magic beans!) ✨️

What's your answer to the question? Or at least some of it?

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