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Women’s Meditation & Wellness Retreat
Isle of Skye
Thursday 2 November - Sunday 5 November 2023

Rest  .  Re-centre  .  Replenish
Settle into Winter

Nature Quest

An invitation to explore what messages nature has for you...

Allow at least one hour.

Take yourself out for a walk in nature... 

As you begin, you might want to greet nature, in whatever way feels right.  You might want to tell nature you're here for a quest. 

Perhaps you want to gift nature... some tea... a song... your gratitude.  And then the invitation is to find a natural threshold...

a stick, a gate, a path, a gap in the plants... to step over or through... to mark your entering into a quest.

As you walk, hold a question in mind...

  • Who am I?

  • What is important to me?

  • What do I need?

  • What will most support me into the season ahead?

(these are suggested questions... feel free to make them your own... change the wording... change the question...ideally starting with who, what, how, where or when)

And as you walk holding your question in mind, maybe in your heart too...

Notice what appears… shapes, animals, trees, plants, colours, patterns, sounds, changes in the light.

Stay present to what calls your attention... just notice.
You might want to keep coming back to the question (as well as leaving space for nature to respond).

Does the sound of a bird answer your question?  The shape of a cloud?  The berries on a tree?

Let nature be your oracle.  What is it telling you?  What responses come?

Walking for an hour, will give you 15 minutes for each question (feel free to adapt if walking for a longer or shorter time).

Have fun!  Let it feel like play!  Let your imagination go wild!  And enjoy your 'nature quest.


And if nothing comes... know that's OK too.  As you've now asked the questions, answers may come later.

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