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Women’s Meditation & Wellness Retreat
Isle of Skye
Thursday 2 November - Sunday 5 November 2023

Rest  .  Re-centre  .  Replenish
Settle into Winter

Journalling Activity

An invitation to explore through journaling the topics of rest, recentring, replenishing and settling into winter .

Allow at least 1 hour.

With your journal, a pen and a watch or a timer, settle yourself somewhere comfy where you'll not be disturbed.

If you think you might be disturbed, you may want to agree with those around you the time and space for you to do the activity.

As you begin, just settle yourself.  Maybe close your eyes for a few minutes... take some deep breaths... call your energy back to you... set the intention to turn inwards... to give yourself this time to explore.

Take note of the time or set a timer for 45 minutes.

And now, choosing one of the following proposed questions, whichever appeals to you most, write it in your journal

  • What do I put in the way (or allow to get in the way) of rest?

  • How do I know when I'm centred? (what do I notice? can I see? hear? feel?)

  • What most replenishes me and gives me energy?

  • What would it take to truly embrace winter this year?

(these are suggested questions... feel free to make them your own... change the wording... change the question...ideally starting with who, what, how, where or when)

And then without thinking about it too much, write a response... just let your pen move over the paper... write whatever comes. 

It doesn't have to make sense.  It isn't something you'll ever have to share.  Don't read it back, for now, just allow yourself to write until you come to a natural stop. 

When you do come to a stop, the invitation is to write the question again, and again to write whatever comes without censoring yourself or holding back... 

Repeat this process, of writing the question and your 'stream of consciousness' response, without reading back, until you've written the question and a response 11 times.

Trust the process!  Eleven times might feel a lot, but the purpose is to keep dropping you deeper.

Work through the questions, always prioritising the most interesting, asking each question 11 times.

When you've been writing for 45 minutes​.  Stop.

Perhaps grab yourself a cuppa and then to come back to your writing.

As you read through what you've written... What's interesting?  What stands out?  What do you learn about your relationship with rest and winter?  What do you notice helps you to come back to centre?  What gives you rather than takes your energy? 


And what might all of this mean for you going forward?


Take a minute to thank yourself for taking the time for this inner exploration.

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