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Women’s Meditation & Wellness Retreat
Isle of Skye
Thursday 2 November - Sunday 5 November 2023

Rest  .  Re-centre  .  Replenish
Settle into Winter

Art Journalling Activity

An invitation to explore through art, creativity and play.

Allow at least 1 hour.

With your sketch pad or paper, art supplies, art table cloth, deck of 'empowering questions' cards and a watch or a timer, settle yourself at the table in the retreat space.  If you think you might be disturbed, you may want to agree with those around you the time and space for you to do the activity.

As you begin, just settle yourself.  Maybe close your eyes for a few minutes... take some deep breaths... call your energy back to you... set the intention to turn inwards... to give yourself this time to explore.

You might want to take note of the time or set a timer for 45 minutes.

Shuffling the deck of 'empowering questions' cards, without looking at the cards, choose a card at random to work with.

Maybe you don't want to work with the first question that comes... and maybe that tells you something about yourself... if that's the case, the invitation is to choose to work with the card anyway... or choose another!

And then without thinking about it too much, start to sketch or draw a response... just allow your open to whatever comes.  It doesn't have to make sense.  It isn't something you'll ever have to share.  Try not to judge, just allow yourself to keep creating.  If you get distracted and start trying to make meaning from what you're creating or wanting to throw it away and start again, just notice... bring yourself back to the question and allow yourself to continue to create. 

Give yourself time to really get into the flow.  Add colours... shapes... movement... patterns... layers... textures... knowing that there is no right or wrong.  Hear the voice in your head telling you this or that about what you are creating... thank the voice for its advice, its judgement, its words and carry on.  Allow yourself to just play.

Trust the process!  This activity isn't about the destination, it's about the journey.

When you've been creating for 45 minutes or so​.  Stop (if you want, if not, carry on, obviously being aware of the retreat programme).

After you've finished, perhaps grab yourself a cuppa and then to come back.

As you look at your creation now... What's interesting to you?  What do you see?  If you turn it upside down, what's there? 

What about turning it on it's side? and the other side?  Do the colours/shapes/textures/patterns you've chosen have meaning to you?
How does what you've created relate to the question you choose?

And what might all of this mean for you going forward?

You might want to capture any notes in your journal, including how you found the process, what you noticed and what you're learning about yourself.

Take a minute to thank yourself for being creative... for playing.

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