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I can't tell you how many scarves, shawls, wraps and dresses I have bought recently in an attempt to begin to feel I have something to wear for the weddings and other ceremonies I'm holding this year! Most of them have been returned 🤦‍♀️

I do love these two kimonos though... especially the green one for midsummer.. but wonder if they might feel too much... especially out on the hill blowing about!

And to wear my stole or not?

The stole I made for my ordination was ministry in itself. Its a rainbow of patchwork... to represent the idea that we're all different... many of the fabrics came from friends involved in my ministry journey and as I stitched the patches together it felt a soul retrieval of sorts... stitching the parts of me and the threads of my journey. It has silver thread throughout to represent the light. And in it are a Ruby and a Skye Golden Eagle feather to remind me to root and rise... two words which are in my vow. The stole is reversible with the plain side being red to represent the Divine Feminine, returning to which was enormous... and the common thread for me, running through all the faiths we explored. I feel its magic, but it's also pretty colourful!

Again when I think of wearing my stole I notice I'm questioning 'is it too much?'

I wonder if this question which keeps arising is really about my clothes...

- Am I too much?

and the question that seems paradoxical, but is so entwined with too much...

- Am I enough?

Life brings us what we still need to work through!

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