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Updated: Mar 6, 2023

In 2020, as part of my ministry training I wrote a vow renewal ceremony for my husband and I.

I crafted it based on our reflections of our relationship and marriage to date... on our hopes and dreams for the future. I crafted it to connect with the land of Skye... where we'd made home... and to echo our original ceremony and the traditions of New Zealand where we married.

For the vow renewal we each wrote personal vows to speak to one another... as we hadn't taken that opportunity on our wedding day... That's the beauty of a vow renewal... you can do it again and include what you didn't the first time!

And so on the Summer Solstice of 2020 we swam in the pools and after I held a personal healing ceremony where I stepped into my sovereignty and my feminine power and wisdom (and after checking my husband was still up for recommitting with the new me!) we spoke those vows to one another. It was like being married again from this new place in my being.

Today, on our 11th wedding anniversary, we spoke those vows to one another again... for the third time. It's now become an annual practice to recommit to these promises to one another.

It's always so beautiful to do.

We celebrated last night with friends with a gorgeous meal @coruiskhouse

Thanks to @skyeweddingsketcher for this amazing sketch of our wedding day...

Waihi Beach New Zealand 2011.

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