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Usually on New Years Eve or maybe the day before, we go for a walk as a family and talk about the year we're leaving.

Last year I have a feeling we did it indoors, in Fort William, at the TravelLodge, as I remember we labelled the floor Jan to Dec and 'walked through' the year together.

This year we managed an actual outdoor walk. We went through the months remembering what'd happened... the highs... the lows... the achievements... the challenges... the places we've been... the places we thought we'd go but didn't... the things we've most appreciated... the lessons learnt... the qualities that have been useful...

As I look back, I truly hope 2020 WILL be one that's remembered, because if it doesn't stand out as the strangest year, it means the strangeness is set to continue into the years ahead... and who wants that???

2020 was the year I was ordained as an Interfaith Minister... the year my husband and I renewed our wedding vows... the year we bought a house plot on Skye... the year I wrote my first funeral and was asked to be minister for my first wedding... the year I embraced my inner healer and found my courage to work with trauma... the year I finally trained in a therapy... the year zoom opened up online business opportunities!

2020 has also been a year of healing for me... of stepping into my feminine wisdom and power and my sovereignty. Setting boundaries and speaking my truth hasn't gone down well with some... in fact its been quite a bumpy ride in terms of some of my relationships this year! Thankfully I've had a great deal of love, support, spiritual counselling and supervision to work through it all! Not that its all 'worked through' just yet! Thanks to all those who've supported me this year I feel so much gratitude for my wee family, my friends, fellow ministers and clients... you're awesome! And to you... for reading my posts... for your likes and comments... your observations and your shares. Thanks for journeying alongside me this year.

So, knowing its been such a difficult year in so many ways... and yet that there have been things to appreciate... Can you sit with what 2020 has brought before turning your attention to 2021? Can you feel the difficulty and the challenge of the lows? Can you honour the pain of them? Can you see there have been highs... achievements? Can you honour them too even amongst the difficulties? And in honouring, can you let go of what doesn't serve you to take into 2021 and take forward what does?

Oooh feeling some kind of New Year's Healing Ceremony coming on... anyone else???

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