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Once Upon a Time...

Updated: Jun 25

A beautiful couple, so very in love, eloped to the Fairy Glen, whilst on holiday on the Isle of Skye. Being February, it wasn't the warmest of days, and the bride, who was very clever indeed, wore a dress with long long sleeves reaching all the way to her wrists, under which she wore her thermals.

As they climbed up the steep steep hill into the glen, the groom carried a chest full of treasure. The treasure had been passed down from the couple's ancestors for this very occasion... a piece from three of their four grandmothers... a ring, a hip flask and two of the most curious jugs you ever did see, in the shape of a duck and a cockerel. The fourth grandmother, although having no treasure in the chest, had given her wedding dress for the bride to wear on her own wedding day.

As they made their vows to one another witnessed by the elements of earth, air, fire and water; the fairies; and their very well behaved dog Bertie (plus a couple of humans to sign the paperwork) much magic happened... with bubbles... and poetry... words of love... and tears... laughter... and ribbons... rings... and crows... whisky... and hot hot chocolate. Magic woven into the very air itself... magic which no one could see, but everyone could feel... magic which bound the couple together in love for their lifetime.

As their ceremony came to an end, their Fairy Godmother 😘 bestowed on them all the blessings she found in her heart for their happiness together and as she waved her wand, so she wrapped them with the love and all the blessings of their friends and family.

And safe in the knowledge they were deeply loved by all and joined together in marriage, they lived happily ever after.

The End.

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