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Updated: Mar 6, 2023

I'm marrying a couple next month who are bringing a horn to use in their ceremony... in a ritual. They had someone making mead for it, but the seal broke and they found themselves meadless!

I wondered if I could source them some Scottish mead. I found a producer, but then I wondered if I could source some here on the Isle of Skye.

I put a message out on Instagram... no luck.

And then I had an idea... mead is made from honey right? I put a post out on a local bee keepers group. And... someone replied... they had mead they'd made in 2020 and bottled last year from their own honey bees 🐝 🐝🐝

How cool is that? Skye mead!

I asked if they'd be up for selling me some and told them what it was for... they messaged back to say I could have a bottle no charge!

This community is so awesome! 💗

Today I collected it... leaving a wee gift in return... and combined it with a walk to the stunning Point of Sleat with friends! I reckon you'd need a good community to manage to live out here!

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