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I long for a world Where everything is different Where I no longer need to straddle two paradigms Where my spiritual self can feel comfortable to live in the humanness of this world

I long for a world Which doesn't make me weep... and rage At the injustice, the inhumanity Which doesn't cause me to feel pain every... single... day...

I long for a world Which is so radically different Its difficult to even dream at times Where wisdom is currency and those who care are those who get to decide

I long for a world Where genocide and femicide and ecocide and patriarchy and racism and homophobia Are long forgotten concepts Because hatred and abuse are inconceivable

I long for a world In which systemic change means Our education and welfare and health and ALL of our systems meet the needs of ALL of our people And not just our people... Of ALL sentient beings... and our earth

I long for a world Where we admit our mistakes... Mistakes of the past, mistakes of the present Not hiding them, lest we be blamed Taking responsibility Thus no longer clinging, perpetuating the same damaging cycles day... after... day... after day

I long for a world Where we recognise and feel gratitude for earth's gifts, the bounty she provides Not greedily grabbing what we've termed 'resources' for our capitalist consumption Creating instability that is surely toppling Instead becoming nature, returning to our true nature, our place in the eco system

I long for a world Where more of humanity are conscious, awake and healing I know so many are, because I know you I know you feel this pain too I know you long

I long for a world Which has reached its tipping point And tips to justice and wisdom and caring decisions And new loving ways of being Where we recognise our interconnectedness And no longer hurt one another because to do so hurts us too... and we feel it

I long for a world I long I know you long too And in that longing And knowing you are longing I feel be... longing

Let us long together, belong together Because it is in our longing and belonging That we will bring into being Our longed for vision of the world Let us long for not just a different world But a better world A world in which we all belong

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