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Today I held a beautiful land naming and blessing ceremony which was co-created with the stewards of the land. It wove Malaysian and Isle of Skye cultures and was part of a jamboree weekend with camping and outdoor activities.

We began and ended with talented young local pipers.

The land and the ancestors and guardians of the land were thanked and given an offering of trees before they were asked if they would receive the name chosen... the answer came by way of an omen bird. The land was named and everyone welcomed.

The vision was shared of the land being like the tamu (market)... where people come to retreat, and come for the things they need and to bring their gifts... a place of reciprocity with the land and one another.

And an oath was spoken and written on a batu sumpah (an oath stone) and water was used to wash the words of the oath and words of blessing from all those present into the land.

The weather was stunning!

Such a blessing to hold an Earth ceremony on Earth Day weekend!

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