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As we head towards the full moon (Monday), as usual, I find my dreams are ramping up. Not sure if I have more dreams or just more vivid dreams I remember around now, but sometimes I can remember as many as 3 or 4 a night.

A few years ago I noticed I only wanted to drink (alcohol!) around the moons and wondered if I was suppressing strong energies, so decided to stop drinking then. And now the dreams!

So, last night I know there were 3 or so because I woke a few times remembering, but didn't want to wake myself too much by writing them down in my dream book, so am left with only snippets this morning.

There was one about a family I know living in Lancaster at the top of this loooong flight of stairs which ended at the sea and their little boy wanting to ride his bike down the stairs.

There was another where I felt like a loser working 2 jobs and still having no money, nowhere to live, no fun and saying to my cousin "My life is total shit! It was better when I was 19. I had my shit together more then."

Then there was a wisp of a dream which featured a piece of artwork... a man, but his lower legs were women's legs and were facing the opposite way from his body. I was really curious about the image because at first glance you couldn't tell.

And then I woke with the words "I hold you open", like they were the beginning of a poem in my dream.

As I stirred, slowly, letting my dreams stay with me as much as possible, I couldn't get hold of any more of the poem. And wondered about the line...

"I hold you open"

What? Like a door???

And then I realised the words were...

"I hold you. Open."

Yesterday I'd been thinking about our A YEAR WITH THE WHEEL programme... that now we've set the intention and put it out there, I need to let go of the outcome... trust that the people will come. I was pondering how to let go... if I even know how to let go...

So these words felt like a whispered reply to my pondering... from the Universe? the Goddess? my inner wisdom?

"I hold you. Open."

A reminder I am held and I can trust in that holding. And a reminder to stay open.

Recently I was saying my vow aloud and realised I'd switched the word 'surrender' for the word 'open' without realising. So this reminder to stay open took me to my vow... if I stay open to being the channel... what I bring to the world isn't really mine, but happens through me. Well that certainly helps to get the ego (wanting dozens of people to sign up for the programme) out of the way!!!

This morning as I scrolled through my photos looking for something, I found the angel card of 'openness' and remembered I'd pulled it from the deck on Monday after a Havening session with a client... it seemed perfect for her... perhaps so perfect that I missed that it was also for me!


I love the guidance I receive

What guidance are you receiving right now that you might be missing?

♡ Jo

Thanks to for her image on unsplash

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