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I wanted to share my wee makeshift menorah... before I lit tonight's candle...

In honour of Hannukah, in tonight's group meditation we did a Tree of Life meditation adapted from Rabbi Tirza Firestone's The Women's Kabbalah.

The meditation involved breathing light up through the body and connecting to the nourishing energy of the Earth through our roots and the energy of Heaven through the branches from our crown chakra.

During the meditation... the 9 candles of the menorah, for me, linked to the 9 chakras, the seven from root to crown plus the earth star chakra beneath our feet and the soul star chakra above our heads. Which made the shamash... the middle candle, the servant candle, the candle from which all others are lit... the heart chakra! Reminding me to let the heart serve, to let my heart light all else in my life.

So beautiful to share different meditations each week and to share the insights and awarenesses that come from them with one another!

Love my Circles of Nine...

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