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After saying yesterday to a friend I feel I've flipped my life and the spiritual these days feels a bigger part than the human... today I've been working on my tax return again. Urrrghhh... waaaay too much humanness!

So focusing on the magic and the joy in my day...

I've been doing a 13 day practice which started at midnight on Christmas Eve when I pulled this Earthkeeper card... and ended tonight.

The practice has been to draw a card each night and to look out for signs between drawing the card and midnight the following night to see if there are any additional signs... any guidance.

So Christmas Eve to Christmas Day brought a message for my year (Earthkeeper) and the following 12 days, messages for each of my 12 months of the year.

I've loved it as a practice... pausing to draw the card each night... reflecting on what's stood out in the day... what feels unusual that might be a message...

There have been some really obvious messages like the angel I noticed for the first time in a tree trunk that I've passed hundreds of times before... right after I called in the angels... and the kestrel (not a bird I often see) hovering above the ground where I'd stood in ceremony an hour earlier.

There have also been some less obvious messages like the weasel that darted across the road... noted because I've never seen a weasel in the Highlands before... and the chameleon/dragon in my dream last night because it felt significant...

Whether I knew what they 'meant' or not, I've jotted them all down... and maybe they'll mean something when I check in on them each month.

I'm excited to see what insights this practice will bring in the months to come.

I feel a big part of my ministry is asking for and being open to guidance and surrendering to the direction it takes me in. Some of you might know that we once moved across country on the strength of an encounter with deer (for me a sign to trust!).

And if anyone's reading thinking yes, yes, but get to the point... what's the gorgeous card deck? Its the Mystical Shaman Oracle

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