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I've started a writing 'group' with a friend. It's just the two of us! We meet on zoom... we light candles... we call in all the love and support... we sit in silence for a while... we check-in with one another... listening, witnessing... and then we write...

My writing is on ceremony. Its something that came to me to do towards the end of my ministry training, my journey with ceremony being a bit of a roller coaster, and although I've had a few goes at writing something, I've never got much further than a few ideas of what I want to share.

Today was our second writing group and both times I've come with a sentence... something that's present in my life that also seems to relate to ceremony... just somewhere to start... and then written.

I not only wrote some thoughts on ceremony this afternoon, but also created a ceremony... or at least some more substance to a ceremony I'm currently in the process of writing. I also recognised that there's a part of my vow I want to state as an intention before I write 'I surrender to being a channel' (I love how parts of my vow reveal themselves to me as the very thing I need in different situations!).

It felt like my scribbles were like a journal entry... a kind of stream of consciousness on ceremony. I recognised that there were also lots of seeds in what I wrote that might in themselves be the sentence that starts another piece of writing.

In reading some of what I'd written today... sharing with my writing buddy...her reflection is enabling me to take some of the 'rules' off my writing. To see that what I'm writing could be something that's shared. That it doesn't need to be honed and structured and ordered and fancy... it can just be my raw exploration of ceremony... and that in itself can be interesting and thought provoking for folks.

Feels like a really good investment of 2 hours. Creativity to me always feels like a good use of time... What about you?

Oh and if I needed a sign that writing is something I'm meant to be doing... a parcel arrived at my door at the beginning of our session...

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