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Yesterday I was questioning 'Why would I want to be an ordained minister?'

Right now I feel excited...

Let's see what today brings...

Tonight I'll be taking my vow. As a One Spirit Interfaith Minister our vow is individual... personal... written by us. It's what we're called deeply to step into... often challenging to live up to each day... repeated each day and throughout the day to remind us of how we want to show up in the world. It is exciting and it's scary... and it feels like a commitment and a big responsibility. I'm so grateful to feel so held in this process... by my family and friends... by other One Spirit Ministers... by my ancestors and guides... by synchronicities and the magic... by Spirit...

Wonder if I'll get to wear my stole tonight... or only for ordination on Saturday... I love how it turned out and how so many people who have been an important part of my journey have contributed pieces to it. Sewing it together felt like stitching myself whole. I made it reversible with a red lining... to honour the Divine feminine. It has something to represent all the elements... earth, fire, water and air and will have a ruby and an Isle of Skye Golden Eagle Feather inside to remind me to root... to ground... and to rise... to fly.

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