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Updated: Mar 6, 2023

In no particular order...

1. Because you're curious about what it might bring to your life

2. To work through trauma from your childhood

3. Because you've received bad news about your health... or someone else's

4. To commit to your own spiritual growth

5. Because sometimes it's easier to talk through the day to day ups and downs of your life with someone not connected

6. To get more comfortable with your death

7. Because you want support to work through a life transition, e.g. marriage, children leaving home, separation, retirement, etc.

8. To tell your story and have it heard... witnessed

9. Because you want to identify, feel and process your emotions

10. To process recent grief or grief from the past you've never dealt with

11. Because you're going through treatment and need some support

12. To work with a fear or phobia which holds you back

13. Because you want to explore your beliefs and your religion or spirituality

14. To get clarity on where next in your life

15. Because your life feels tough right now

16. To connect with more joy every day

17. Because you have an event coming up which feels almost impossible to attend

18. To work through a traumatic event from your past

19. Because your intuition tells you it's a good idea

20. To clear and release what's holding you back to live your best life!

Interested in exploring more? Let's zoom!

I am offering a free 1:1 session to anyone who would like to explore working with me in this way. At the end of it you'll have time to reflect on whether it's right for you and if you'd like more sessions. No obligation.

If you decide you want to go ahead with some sessions, they're priced on a sliding scale... you decide. And can be paid per session.

♡ Jo

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